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Census YearTitleAuthor(s)India/State
199116th Population Census Conference, January 17-20, 1995 New Delhi, IndiaVijayanunni, M.India
19411941 Census figures in Present lay-out Extimates for 1948Registrar General & Census Commissioner, IndiaIndia
19911991 Census Hand BookVijayanunni, M.India
1961A Guide to the 1961 Census Publication ProgrammeMitra, A.India
1961A Guide to the 1961 Census Publication ProgrammeMitra, A.India
1981A Hand Book of Population StatisticsVerma, V. S.India
1991Access to Village Directory Data on Nicnet An IntroductionVijayanunni, M.India
1951Actuarial Reports for the CensusMitra, A.India
1931Administration Report ,Part V, Vol 1, IndiaHutton, J.H.India
1931Administration Report of the Census Department, Central Provinces & BerarShoobert, W. H.India
1941Administration Reprot, Part II, Volume I, IndiaYeatts, M. W. M.India
1971Age Tables, Series 1, Paper 3 of 1977, IndiaChari, R. B.India
1991Ageing in India Demographic Background and Analysis Based on Census Materials,Sharma, S.P.India
1991Ageing Population of India, An Analysis of the 1991 Census DataVijayanunni, M.India
1961An Approach to Urban Studies in IndiaChandra Sekhar A.India
2001Analytical Report on Household Assets, Series-1, IndiaSikri, D.K.India
2001Analytical Report on Housing Amenities, Series-1, IndiaSikri, D.K.India
1991Availability of Infrastructural Facilites in Rural Areas of IndiaVijayanunni, M.India
1991Availability of Infrastructural Facilities in Rural Areas of Kerala an Analysis of Village Directory DataVijayanunni, M.India
1971Bibliography of Census Publcations in IndiaChandra Sekhar, A.India