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Census YearTitleAuthor(s)India/State
1941Administration ReportDirector of Census Operations, PakistanPakistan
1931Administration Report, PakistanDundas, A. D. F.Pakistan
1951Administrative Report, Vol-9, PakistanSlade, E. H.Pakistan
1961Age, Sex and Marital Status Census Bulletin No-3Rashid, A.Pakistan
1931Baluchistan, Part I & II, Vol-IV, PakistanKhan, Gul. MuhammadPakistan
1951Baluchistan, Report & Tables, Vol-2, PakistanShah, Agha. Mir. YakubPakistan
1951Demographic Miscellany, PakistanGalt, Lowell. T.Pakistan
1951Detailed Age Tables In 5 Year Age Groups (Table-4), PakistanSlade, E. H.Pakistan
1951East Bengal Tables , Vol-8, PakistanNomani, H. H.Pakistan
1951East Bengal Tables , Vol-8, PakistanNomani, H. H.Pakistan
1951East Bengal, Report & Tables, Vol-3, PakistanNomani, H. H.Pakistan
1961East pakistan, Vol-9, PakistanSheikh, Mohammad. HafizPakistan
1961Housing, Vol-10, PakistanSuperintendent of Census Operations, PakistanPakistan
1961Housing, Vol-8, PakistanSheikh, Mohammad. HafizPakistan
1951North-West Frontier Province, Report & Tables, Vol-4 PakistanHamid, Sheikh. AbdulPakistan
1931Noth-West Frontier Province, Vol-XV, PakistanMallam, G. L.Pakistan
1951Population According to Religion, Tables-6, PakistanDirector of Census Operations, PakistanPakistan
1961Population, Vol-1, PakistanRashid, A.Pakistan
1961Population, Vol-2, PakistanNomani, H. H.Pakistan
1961Population, Vol-3, PakistanKhan, Aslam. AbdullahPakistan