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Census YearTitleAuthor(s)India/State
1981Administration Report Enumeration, Part I-A, Series-18, RajasthanSrivastava, I. C.Rajasthan
1961Administration Report, (Enumeration), Part VIII-A, Vol-XIV, RajasthanGupta, C. S.Rajasthan
1951Administration Report, Vol-X, RajasthanDashora, Yamuna LalRajasthan
2001Administrative AtlasModi, Jayanti LalRajasthan
1971Administrative Atlas, Part IX-A, Series-18, RajasthanMathur, U. B.Rajasthan
1901Administrative Report, Part IV, RajputanaBannerman, Captain. A. D.Rajasthan
1911Administrative Volume, Part III, Vol-XXII, RajputanaKealy, E. H.Rajasthan
1901Ajmer-Merwara, Part II, Vol-II-A, RajasthanBramley, R. C.Rajasthan
1931Ajmer-Merwara, Report and Tables, RajasthanCole, Lieut. Colonel. B. L.Rajasthan
1951Appendices, Part I C, Vol-X, RajasthanDashora, Yamuna LalRajasthan
1931Bikaner State, Part I, Vol-I, RajasthanNanavati, Rai. Bahadur. D. M.Rajasthan
1931Bikaner State, Part II, Vol-I, RajasthanNanavati, Rai. Bahadur. D. M.Rajasthan
1921Bikaner State, RajasthanL, Rai. Bahadur.Rajasthan
1911Bikaner State, RajasthanPrasad, Rai. Bahadur. Babu. KamtaRajasthan
1931Bikaner State, Vol-II, RajasthanNanavati, Rai. Bahadur. D. M.Rajasthan
1961Census Atlas, Part IX-B, Vol-XIV, RajasthanGupta, C. S.Rajasthan
1981Census Atlas, Part-XII, Series-18, RajasthanSrivastava, I. C.Rajasthan
1991Census Atlas, Part-XII, Series-21, RajasthanModi, Jayanti LalRajasthan
1941Census of Mewar, The Village Directory, Vol-I, RajasthanDashora, Yamuna LalRajasthan
1931Census Report of Karauli State, RajasthanJain, Babu. Kistoor. Chand.Rajasthan