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Census YearTitleAuthor(s)India/State
1981Fertility Tables, Lakshadweep Part- VI A & B, Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1981Final Population Figures , Series 30Saigal, Omesh.Lakshadweep
2001Final Population Totals, Series-32Verma, R. K.Lakshadweep
1981General Economic Tables, Social and Cultural Tables, Part III-A & B, IV-A, Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1981General Population Tables and Primary Census Abstract, Part II-A & B, Series-30Saigal, Omesh.Lakshadweep
2001General Population Tables and Primary Census Abstract, Series-32Thomas, SheelaLakshadweep
1971General Population Tables, Part II-A, Series-29Menon, K. D.Lakshadweep
1981Handicraft Survey Report, Odam Making, Part X D, Series-30Habibullah, Wajahat.Lakshadweep
1981Household Population by Religion of Head of Household, ( Upto Island Level ) Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1981Household Tables on Scheduled Tribes, Part VIII A & B (i), Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1981Household Tables, Part VIII-A & B, Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1981Households and Household Population by Language Mainly Spoken in the Household, Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1971Laccadive Minicoy and Amindivi IslandsMenon, K. D.Lakshadweep
1971Laccadive, Minicoy & Amindivi Islands , Part II-C, Series-29Lahkar, S. D.Lakshadweep
1971Laccadive, Minicoy & Amindivi Islands, Part II-B, Series-29Verma, M. C.Lakshadweep
1961Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands, Vol-XXIDevassy, M. K.Lakshadweep
1971Migration Tables, Part II-D, Series-29Shaiza, W.Lakshadweep
1981Migration Tables, Part V-A & B, Series-30Nair, P. M.Lakshadweep
1961Monograph Series Socio-Economic Survey Report on Chetlat Island, Part VI, Vol-IBurman, B. K. RoyLakshadweep
1971Part III Establishments Report & Tables & Part IV Housing Report & Tables, Part III, IV, Series-29Shaiza, W.Lakshadweep