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Census YearTitleAuthor(s)India/State
1961General Economic Tables, Part II-B(i), Volume-XII, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa
1961General Economic Tables, Part II-B(ii), Volume-XII, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa
1971General Economic Tables, Part-II-B(i), Series-16, OrissaTripathi, B.Orissa
1971General Economic Tables, Part-II-B(ii), Series-16, OrissaTripathi, B.Orissa
1981General Economic Tables, Part-III A & B(i), Series-16, OrissaNanda, A.R.Orissa
1981General Economic Tables, Part-III A & B(ii), Series-16, OrissaNanda, A.R.Orissa
2001General Population TablesBehera, DinabandhuOrissa
1981General Population Tables, Part II-A, Series-16, OrissaNanda, A.R.Orissa
1991General Population Tables, Part II-A, Series-19, OrissaSingh, BalwantOrissa
1961General Population Tables, Part II-A, Volume-XII, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa
1971General Population Tables, Part-II-A (Supplement), Series-16, OrissaTripathi, B.Orissa
1971General Population Tables, Part-II-A, Series-16, OrissaTripathi, B.Orissa
1951General Population, Social and Cultural and Land Tables, Part II-A, Tables, Volume-XI, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa
1961General Report, Part I-A(i), Volume-XII, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa
1961General Report, Part-I-A (ii), Volume-XII, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa
1971General Report, Part-I-A, Series-16, OrissaTripathi, B.Orissa
1971General Report, Part-I-B, Series-16, OrissaTripathi, B.Orissa
1981Handicraft Survey Report Bell-Metal Products, Part-XD, Series-16, OrissaSwain, S.K.Orissa
1981Handicraft Survey Report Handloom Products-The and Dye, Part-X D, Series-16, OrissaSwain, S.K.Orissa
1961Household Economic Tables, Part III, Volume-XII, OrissaAhmed, M.Orissa