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Title: 16th Population Census Conference, January 17-20, 1995 New Delhi, India
Authors: Vijayanunni, M.
Description: Information Warehouse, Census Mapping Project and Better Serving Users Spatial Information Need, by Siu-Ming Tam-Australia, National Data Bank - An Integrated Approach to use National Data Resources, by Hamidul Hoque Bhuiyan- Bangladesh, the Wealth of Generations - A Methodology for Intergenerational Accounts, by Andrew Mason - East West Center, Change in Census Environments and Preparations for the last Population and Housing Census in the 20th Century in Republic, of Korea, by Min-Kyung KIM-Republic of Korea, The 1990 and 2000 world population and housing censuses, by Yuan-chung Yu-united Nations, country Experience in Populaiton Census 1991 and Prospects for Future Improvement, by Krishna Prasad Shrestha-Nepal, Course of Japans Population Statistics, by Akihiko Ito-Japan, Fertility Decline in Mongolia-Trends, Policies and Expanations, by Badamtseden Tsend-Ayush - Mongolia, Nso Activities toward Improving Technology to Enhance the value and use of Census Data, by Neramit Dhanaskdi-Thailand, Problems of the collection of Data on Migration in the 1990 Population census of Indonesia, by suwito sugito-Indonesia, Comparison Between the two Approaches in collecting population Data of Cities and Towns in china, by chang song liu, Ya-jan Wu and Ri-Zhang Yang-Chain.
India/State: India
Census Year: 1991
Accession No.: 38875
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