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dc.contributorSekhar, A. Chandra.
dc.contributor.authorBurman, B. K. Roy
dc.descriptionName Identity, origin and History, family clan and kinship, Distribution and Population Trend, Dwellings, Food Dress and Ornaments, Enivronmental Sanitation, Hygienic Habits Recreation Disease and Treatment, Economic life, Religion, Festivals, Structure of Social Control and Leadership, Inter-community Relationship, Bibliography.
dc.publisherDirector of Census Operations, Andhra Pradesh
dc.subjectEthnographic Notes, A Monograph on Godaris
dc.titleEthnographic Notes, A Monograph on Godaris, Part V B(4), Vol-II
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.pagination22 p.
dc.stateAndhra Pradesh
Appears in Collections:Census Year 1961

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