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dc.contributor.authorPadmanabha, P.
dc.descriptionPopuation by sex, ratio, percentage decadal Variation of population and Urban Population as percentage to total population, 1901-1981, Popuation, sex ratio, density and Growth rate, 1981, Annual average exponential rate of growth (per cent), 1901-1981, Proportion of population in age groups 0-4 and 5-9, 1971, 1981, child-women rations 1961-1981 and dependency ratio, 1981, Distribution of population by age groups, 1981, Percentage of married, widowed, divorced or seprated population of in each age groups by sex, 1981, Average number of childern born per woman by age, 1981, Selected nuptiality indicators, 1971, 1981, Proportion of ever married women of parity (i+1) and above to 1000 women of parity (i) and above 1981, Percentage of ever married women of (aged 50 and above) with no live births, 1981, Progress of literacy 1901-1981, Literacy rate for all ages and ages above 5,10,15, and 35 by sex, 1971, 1981, Percentage distribution of main workers, marginal workers and Total workers (main plus marginal) by industrial categories, 1981, Distribution of main workers by broad industrial categories, marginal workers and non-workers-Males/Females 1981, In-migrants, out-migrants and net-1981,s, 1971, 1981 and estimated interdecadal migrantion by place of birth-Males/Females, Migrants with place of birth outside india, 1971, 1981.
dc.publisherRegistrar General & Census Commisssioner, India
dc.subjectKey Popuation Statistics Based on 5 per Cent Sample Data
dc.titleKey Population Statistics Based on 5 per Cent Sample Data, Series-1, India
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.paginationiii,36 p.
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