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Title: Manual for Writing Reports, Monographs and Papers
Authors: Padmanabha, P.
Description: Frontispiece, Title Page, Dedication, Table of Contents, List of Tables and Illustrations, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements, Headings and Subheadings, Pagination, Margin, Italice, Word division, Personal, Names, Quotations, Notes and Footnotes, Bibliographical, Notes, Abbreviations, tables and IIIustrations, Appendices, Glossary, Literature cited, Bibliography, Inex, Literature consulted, Numbering of Divisions and Subdivisions in written documents, Book or Monographs, Reference to the Contribution in a Book, Periodicals and Serials, Reference to the periodical as a whole, Articale or contribution in a Periodical, unpublished Materials, Manuscript, Thesis and Dissertation, Mimeographed Materials, Bibliography (Typical Examples), Illustration of the Numbering system, Illustration of Index.
India/State: India
Census Year: 1981
Accession No.: 40482
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