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Title: Village Survey Monographs, 15 Gonjung, Part VI, Vol-III, Assam
Authors: Saikia, A. K.
Description: Village, Physical aspects, Flora & Fauna, Climate, Residential Pattern, Communication, Welfare & Administrative institutions, History of the village, People, Area of origin, Regional distribution and affininity, House & Houstype, Dress ornaments and Household goods, Food & Drinks, Beliefs and Practices, Concerning Birth, Marriage and Death, Economy, Economic resources, Factors influencing economic life, Size & ownership of land holdings, agriculture, Industries, Marketing facilities, Income & Expenditure, Social and Cultural life, Age, sex & Marital Status of Population, Literacy family types, Law, of inheritance, Religious beliefs and partices, Festivals, Village administration and organisations, Reforms and Development measures,
India/State: Assam
Census Year: 1961
Accession No.: 52619
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