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dc.contributorMitra, Asok.
dc.contributor.authorSaikia, A. K.
dc.descriptionVillage, Physical aspects, Flora & Fauna, Climate, Residential Pattern, Communication, Welfare & Administrative institutions, History of the village, People, Area of origin, Regional distribution and affininity, House & Houstype, Dress ornaments and Household goods, Food & Drinks, Beliefs and Practices, Concerning Birth, Marriage and Death, Economy, Economic resources, Factors influencing economic life, Size & ownership of land holdings, agriculture, Industries, Marketing facilities, Income & Expenditure, Social and Cultural life, Age, sex & Marital Status of Population, Literacy family types, Law, of inheritance, Religious beliefs and partices, Festivals, Village administration and organisations, Reforms and Development measures,
dc.publisherDirector of Census Operations, Assam
dc.subjectVillage Survey Monographs, 15 Gonjung
dc.titleVillage Survey Monographs, 15 Gonjung, Part VI, Vol-III, Assam
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.paginationv,42 p.
Appears in Collections:Census Year 1961

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