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dc.contributor.authorPakyntein, E. H.
dc.descriptionUses of Occupied census Houses, Tenure status of census houses, workshops and factories, Materials of wall and roof, Household Tabulation, Photographs and line drawings of house types in Assam, Census houses and the uses to which they are put, Subsidiary tables ot E-series, Distribution of 1,000 census houses by vacant and different types of occupied census Houses, proportion of 1,000 houses in the rural/urban areas to 1,000 houses in the district/police station which are, Number fo persons males and females per room and persons per household in each category or household (In two places of Decimals)
dc.publisherSuperintendent of Census Operations, Assam
dc.subjectReport on Housing and Establishment,
dc.titleReport on Housing and Establishment, Part IV, Vol-III, Assam
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.paginationxlii,938 p.
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