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dc.contributorMitra, Asok.
dc.contributor.authorPakyntein, E. H.
dc.descriptionPopulation as of 1961 and 1951 Census for the registration areas of Assam, Vital Statistics 1951-60, Actual number of births and deaths annually reported for each sex during the decade, Number of deaths annually reported for each sex by age groups Malaria, Fever, Cancer, Tubercular, Respiratory diseases other than T. B of Lungs by Sex 1951-60 Dysentery Diarrhoea and Enteric group of fevers by sex Suicide by sex, Leprosy, Snakebites, Samllpox, Kala-azar, Cholera,
dc.publisherSuperintendent of Census Operations, Assam
dc.subjectReport on Vital Statistics
dc.titleReport on Vital Statistics, Part I-B, Vol-III, Assam
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.pagination91 p.
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