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dc.contributor.authorPakyntein, E. H.
dc.descriptionGeneral Population Tables, Area, and population (Actural and Percentage) by police station Density, Distribution of 1,000 occupied Residenital Houses and 10,000 persons by Rural and urban and comparison with 1951 and 1941 censuses, persons per 1000 Houses and Houses per 100 square miles in Rural areas ond per square mile in urban aras and comparison with past censuses, General Economic Tables, Distribution of 1,000 persons by each Industrial category, fo workers and by non-workers and by sex, Number of female workers per 1,000 male workers in each Industrial category, Household Economic tables, Distribution of 1,000 sample household engaged neither in Cultivation nor household Industry but not in both and engaged both in Cultivation and household Industry for All areas, Social and Cultural Tables, Migration Tables.
dc.publisherSuperintendent of Census Operations, Assam
dc.subjectSubsidiary Tables
dc.titleSubsidiary Tables, Part I-C, Vol-III, Assam
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.pagination425 p.
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