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Title: Social and Cultural Tables, Part II-C (ii), Series-3, Assam
Authors: Choudhury, N. K.
Description: Member of household by relationship to head of household classified by age-groups, Households where the head is a male by relationship of memeber with the head, Household where the head is a female by relationship of memebers with the head, Age and marital status, educational in all areas, urban areas only, single year Age returns, Distribution of persons by five year age-groups, Distribution of languages (inclusive of mother-tongues grouped under each), Speakers of Languages/mother-tesegues (inclusire of mother-tonuues (inclusive of mother-tongue where grouped) other than those specified in schedule VIII to the constitution of India for state and districts.
India/State: Assam
Census Year: 1971
Accession No.: 26246
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