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Title: Handicraft Survey Report, Brass Metal Industry of Niz Hajo, Part X D, Series-3, Assam
Authors: Bhuyan, J. C.
Description: History and development of the craft, Particulars of caste, community and tribe associated with craft, Craftsmen in their Setting, Settlement pattern of the artisans, Demographic profile of the craftsmen, workers and non-workers in surveyed households, Process of Learning, Modes of acquisition of skill, Biographical sketches of selected craftsmen, Manufacturing process, Place of work, purity and pollution associated with the craft, Raw materials, Different methods of production, Marketing, cost of production places of the sale of brasswares, Problem in disposal of finished product, Craft and Employment, Origin of the craft in the town, Number of households and persons engaged in the craft during different decades, Attitude and opinion of the practising & Non-practising households, Economic status of the craftsmen.
India/State: Assam
Census Year: 1981
Accession No.: 29650
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