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dc.contributorChandra Sekhar, A.
dc.contributor.authorSrivastava, S.C.
dc.descriptionObjects of the census, Essential features of the census, Utility of census, Preparatory work, Enumeration, Data processing, Evaluation of the results, Dissemination of the results, systematic recording of census experience, A-1961 Census, B-Approach to 1971 census, statement showing the description of tables adopted in Indian Census since 1872, Implication of the terms used in India censuses, Evaluation of Census data, Types of errors in the census data, methods of the evaluation of population census data, Comparative statement of different concepts with their explanation used in the census schedules or census Questionnaires prescribed fir enumeration in India censuses, 1872-1970, Comparative statement of questions included by various countries in their respective Housing censuses, Comparatuve statement of questions included by various countries in their respective population censuses.
dc.publisherRegistrar General & Census Commisssioner, India
dc.subjectHistory of Population Census in Some Countries,
dc.titleIndia Census In Perspective
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.paginationvi,416 p.
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