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Title: General Economic Tables, Series 1, Part II-B (ii), India
Authors: Chandra Sekhar A.
Description: Statement showing the number of workers belonging to various occupational families which seem to be incongrous, be incongrous vis-à-vis the class of worker category, Prepcentage distribution of workers in each broad industrial category, in each occupational division into broad industrial categories III & IX, other than those engaged in cultivation by occupational division, in each sex and occupational division by class of workers for total and urban, 1000 workers in non-household industry, trade, business, profession or service in each sex and class of workers by occupational division for total and urban, persons at work according to main other than cultivation (Rajasthan ..... Pondicherry U.T.), National classification of Occupations.
India/State: India
Census Year: 1971
Accession No.: 44845
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