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Title: Report on Industrial Establishments, Part IV-A (ii), Volume-1, India
Authors: Mitra, A.
Description: Number of registered Factories with employment strength 1-19- 1961 Census,20-99-1961 Census, Industrial establishments run on electricity in rural areas as percentage ot total establishments in all areas, 1960, Levels of diversity of industrial production and concentration of of industries establishments, Industries in Rural India which are more in the organised sector, have low rations of workers at household industry and high ratio of electricity use 1960-61, Industries in urban India in which the unorganised small establishment sector is large (proportion of workers at household industry is above 20%), Distribution of workshops and factories processing primary and secondary prducts in organised and unorganised sectors with employments 1-5 persons in rural and ruban areas, The organised and the unorganised sectors of workshops and factoies in India
India/State: India
Census Year: 1961
Accession No.: 22928
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