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Title: District Census Handbook, Part XII-A & B, Jaintia Hills, Series-18, Megalaya
Authors: Laskar, N. K.
Description: Name of the headquarters of district/Tahsil, their rural-urban status and district from District headquarters, C/D Block their rural-urban status and distance from District headquarters, Population of the District at each census from 1901 ot 2001, Area, number of village/town and population in District and C.D Block, C D blockwise number of village and rural population, population of urban Agglomerations (including consitiuent units/towns), 2001, Village with population of 5,000 and above at C.D Block level as per 2001 census and amenities available, Statutory towns with population less than 5,000 as per 2001, Census and amenities available, houseless and institutional population of C.D Blocks, Rural and urban 2001.
India/State: Meghalaya
Census Year: 2001
Accession No.: 37946
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