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Title: Village Survey Report, Bhadas, Part X-C, Series-6, Haryana
Authors: Aggarwal, R. K.
Description: The village, Grounds for selection, Location, Physical aspects, Climate, Rainfall, Flora and Fauna, Size Number of households Residenctial, Pattern, Transport and communications, Sources of drinking water, Lighting and fuel, People and their Material Equiment, Ethic Composition, House type, Dress and or naments, Household goods food and drinks, Economy, Economic resources land-Pattern of land utilisation, Ownership and Occupation of cultivated land tenure system, Land tax and Livestock-Statistics fo livestock and poultry birds, Economic, Social and Cultural life, Family type Inheritance of property leisure and recreation, Religious institutions, Fairs and festivals, Religious beliefs and practices, Statutory panchayats, Commuity panchayats, family Planning Allotment of house sites under 20 point programme, Social disabilities.
India/State: Haryana
Census Year: 1981
Accession No.: 28781
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