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Title: Kanum, Village Survey of , Part-VI-No-12, Vol-XX, Himachal Pradesh
Authors: Singh, Ram Chandra, Pal
Description: Village, Reasons for Selection, Physical Aspects, Flora, Fauna, water sources, Climate, Rainfall and Snowfall, size and No of Households, People, caste composition, Rajputs, Chamang, Domang, & Ores, House Type, Customs relating to house construction, Households by Number of rooms, Economy, Economic sources, Occupational pattern, Income, workers and Non-Workers, Expenditure and Indebtedness, Agriculture, Horticulture, Social and Cultural Life, Fairs and Festivals, Folk Dances, Beliefs and Superstitions, Evil Spirils, Conversation with Instruments, Agriculture, Horticulture, Social and Cultural life, Fairs and Festivals. folk Dances, Beliefs and superstitions, Evil spirits, Conversation with dabla, Songs, Temples, Management, Income & expenditure, Musical Instruments, Untouchability & social status of women, Migration and Immigration, Family Structure.
India/State: Himachal Pradesh
Census Year: 1961
Accession No.: 23212
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