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dc.contributor.authorBisotra, R. L.
dc.descriptionPopulation, Child population in the age group 0-6 and literates by residence and Sex-state, Districts, UA/City/Town, 2001, District, Tahsil/Sub-Tahsil 2001, Percentage decadal growth, Percentage of child population in the age-group 0-6 by residence and percentage of urban population to total population-state and District, Sex ratio of population and sex ratio of Child population in the group 0-6 state, District Tahsil/Sub-Tahsil, Literacy rate by residence and sex- state, District, Tahsil/Sub-Tahsil, Population, Percentage decadal growth 1991-2001 Sex literacy by sex UAs, Cities and Towns by size class in the State-2001, Population, Child population in the age group 0-6 and literates by sex-Independent cities and Towns arranged in alphabetical order 2001.
dc.language.isoEnglish and Hindi
dc.publisherDirector of Census Operations, Himachal Pradesh
dc.subjectPaper-2, Rural-Urban Distribution
dc.titleProvisional Population Totals, Series-3, Himachal Pradesh
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.paginationxiii,79 p.
dc.stateHimachal Pradesh
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