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Title: District Handbooks Bankura
Authors: Mitra, A.
Description: General Population Tables, Area, Houses and Population, Variation in Population during fifty years, Towns classified by population with variations since, persons per occupied house, sex and livelihood class ratios, Livelihood Tables, Towns arranged territorially with population by livelihood classes, Age Tables, Age and Civil conditions of sample and Displaced population in rural and urban tracts, Age and literacy for sample and Displaced population in rural and urban tracts, Social and Cultural Tables, Household-size and composition (District and Tracts), Mother tongue (District and Tracts), Displaced Persons and Nationality Tables, Vital Statistics, Birth and Death Record, Deaths from selected causes, Agriculture, persons cultivating own land or employing bargadar with size of land owned and /or given in bhag, mean density (persons per sq mile) Cultivable and cultivated areas, irrigation rainfall and distribution of crops, Agriculture, Industry, Administration, Education and Entertainment, Public health, Local Bodies, communications, Ancient Monuments and Fairs, Village Directory.
India/State: West Bengal
Census Year: 1951
Accession No.: 20863
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