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Title: Handicrafts Survey Monograph on Lac ornaments, Part VIIA (ii), Vol-XVI, West Bengal & Sikkim
Authors: Sinha, Sukumar
Description: Introduction and History of the Craft and the Craftsmen, Historical and literary referces, ues, Dye, Medicine, Domestic, uses, Myth, legend or history of the craftsmen, community, Magical and religious practices, Crafts, the craft-centre and the Craftsmen, Introduction, Articles of the past, Articles of the Present, Description, Designs, Raw materials, Tools and Equipments, Raw materials, Main raw Material, Subsidiary raw materials, Source of the main and subisdiary raw materials, Terms and conditions, processes of production, Physical Structure of workshop and environment, Hours of work, Stages of production, Operations of tools and Processing fo raw materials, Ruli, Bala.
India/State: West Bengal & Sikkim
Census Year: 1961
Accession No.: 23467
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