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Title: Administration Report on Enumeration, Part VIII-A, Series-20, Tripura
Authors: Bhattacharyya, A. K.
Description: Brief history of the Census in tripura Appointment as Director of Census Operations, Tripura and initial reaction, Introduction to state Government officials by the state Government, Initial Preparatory Measures, Circular No. I of Registrar General of India, preparatory steps already taken, first Pretest, Training Seminars for Director of Census Operations, Deputy/Assistant Directors & Tabulation Officers, Building up of the Strength of Officers and Staff in the Census Office, Clerical Assistance to Sub-Divisional census Officers, Touring, Procurement of Maps, Administrative units for Enumeration and Presentation of Census Data-Recognition of towns-Location code, Enumeration Agency, Housenumering and Houselisting, Formation of Enumeration Blocks, Census Enumeration, Census Act,
India/State: Tripura
Census Year: 1971
Accession No.: 24675
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