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Title: Administration Report (Enumeration), Part I A, Series-24, Tripura
Authors: Choudhury, H. M.
Description: Preparatory steps, Preparation for the Census, Building up of the Orgaisation, Touring and Training Programme, Census Scheduled and Instruction Translation, Printing and Distribution, Procurement of Maps, Enumeration Agency, Houselisting Operations, Enumeration, Directives issued by the state Government General, Post Enumeration Check and Census Evaluation Study, Planning for the 1991 Census, Appointment of census Officers-Issue of Notification, Sanctioned strength and staff position as on, Schedules of second Pre-test, Letter from the chief secretary, Tripura, Notification regarding appointment of census officers.
India/State: Tripura
Census Year: 1991
Accession No.: 35695
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