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Title: Census Atlas, Part XII, Series-4, Bihar
Authors: Lal, B.B.
Description: Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Administrative Physical Aspects, Position of Bihar in India 1981, Administrative divisions 1981, Community development blocks 1981, Demographic Structure and Trends, Distribution of Population, Density of population, Sex and age Structure, sex ratio 1981, change in sex ration 1971-81, Rural sex ratio 1981,Urbanisation, Urban population, 1981, Growth of urban population by size of urban areas 1901081, Migration, In-migrants 1981, Rural in-Migrants to total rural population 1981, Economic Aspects, Main workers and non-workers in total population 1981, Rural main workers and non-workers 1981, Urban, Male and Female main workers classified by industrial categories 1981, Rural male and female main workers classified by industrial categories 1981, Population employed in primary activities, Cultivators 1981, Agricultural labourers in total agricultural workers, Non-agricultural workers in primary sector 1981, Main workers in constructions transport storage and communication 1981, Socio-Cultural Aspects, Scheduled Castes 1981, Main workers marginal workers and non-workers in Scheduled Castes 1981, Religion, Distribution of population by language mainly spoken in the household 1981, Literacy 1981, Education attainments 1981, Urban Literates per 1000 of population in age 5-14 over literates per 1000 of population in age 15-34 1981, Primary school enrolment of boys 1981, Housing, Census Houses and their uses 1981, Amenities in Urban households 1981, Rural households by number of rooms occupied 1981, Health, Medical institutions per 10,000 of census houses 1981, Hospital beds per 100, 000 of population 1981, Primary Health centres per 100, 000 of population 1981.
India/State: Bihar
Census Year: 1981
Accession No.: 28897
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