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Title: Housing Report and Tables, Part IV, Series-4, Bihar
Authors: Das, B.L.
Description: Housing Surveys in the Past, Programme for 1971 Census, Administrative Organisation for Houselisting, Training, Time-Schedule, Houselist operation, Proccessing of Data, Definition and Concepts, Variation in number of houses since 1961, Inter-district variation of materials of wall and roof, walls in rural areas, Walls and roofs in urban areas, Comparison of building materials of residential and non-residential houses, Decadal variation in quality of building material, Combined study of walls and roofs of residential houses, Tenure Status, Housing Patern and Structural Details, Houselist, Establishment Scheduled, Sample Desing and Precision of Estimates, Census Houses and the uses to which they are put, Distribution of Census Houses by Predominant Material of wall and Predominant Material of Roof.
India/State: Bihar
Census Year: 1971
Accession No.: 25082
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