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Title: Analytical Report and Administration Statements and District Census Tables,Sambalpur, Part-C, Series-16, Orissa
Authors: Tripathi, B.
Description: Area, Houses and Population, Statement showing 1961 Territorial units constituting the Present set up of Orissa State, Number of Village with a population of 5,000 and over and Town with a population under 5,000, Houseless and Institutional population, Decadal Variation in population since 1901, Towns and Urban Agglomerations Classified by population in 1971 with variation since 1901 New towns added in 1971 and Towns in 1961 declassified in 1971, List of places with a papulation under 5,000 treated as towns for the first time in 1971, Workers and non-workers according to main activity classified by sex and age groups (On full count), Persons classified as non-workers according to main activity cross-classified by sex, age groups and type of activity (Estimated), Age and marital status, Age, Sex and education in urban area only, Classification by literacy and industrial category of workers and non-workers according to main activity among SCs., Scheduled castes classified by literates and illiterates.
India/State: Orissa
Census Year: 1971
Accession No.: 26945
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