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Title: Administrative Statistics and District Census Tables, Part X-C, Series-4, Bihar
Authors: Das, B.L.
Description: Area, Houses and Population, Showing Figures of Urban Agglomeration, Showing 1961 Territorial Units Constituting the present set up, Number of Villages with a population of 5,000 and over, towns with a population Under 5,000, Houseless and Institutional population, Towns and Urban Agglomeration Classified by population in 1971 with variation since 1901, workers and non-workers according to main activity classified by sex and age-group, wokers and non-workers in cities and non-city urban area according to main activity classified by sex and age-groups, Distribution of Village with reference to Area (in Hectares).
India/State: Bihar
Census Year: 1971
Accession No.: 26414
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