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Title: District Census Handbook, Mahsa Tibba, Part VI- No-42 , Vol-XIII, Punjab
Authors: Anand, R. L.
Description: Village, Ground for selection, Location physical Aspects, Flora and fauna, Size and settlement pattern, means of communication, People and their material Equipment, Ethnic composition, Language, social status and the change, Housetype, Dress Ornaments, Household Goods, Food and Drinks, Economy, Livestock, Factors influencing Economic life of the village, Livelihood Classes, practices connected with Agriculture, Village Handicrafts, Social and Cultural life, Age and sex composition, Vital Statistics, Marriage Statistics, Educational statistics, Types of families, Inheritance of Property, Leisure and Recreation, Fairs and Festivals, Religion and Religious Institutions.
India/State: Punjab
Census Year: 1961
Accession No.: 47123
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