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Title: General Economic Tables, Part III A & B(i), Series-17, Punjab
Authors: Dhir, D. N.
Description: Main Workers, Marginal workers and non-workers classified by age adn sex, by age, sex and literacy-Urban, main workers classified by industrial category, educational level and sex, educational level and sex, Urban, Rural, Other work of main workers by industrial category, age and sex, non-workers by educational level and sex, Classification of main workers in non-workers in non-household industry, trade,business,profession or service by class of worker, age and sex, Industrial classification of main workers in non-household industry, trade, business, profession or service by class of worker and sex, Industrial classification of marginal workers engaged in work other cultivation and agricultural labour by sex.
India/State: Punjab
Census Year: 1981
Accession No.: 28567
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