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dc.contributorJacob, S. M.
dc.contributor.authorMiddleton, L.
dc.descriptionObject of the Administration Report, census Offices, Preliminary Matters, Provision of Paper for forms, Printing, Date of the census, Amendments to the code and manual, Slip-Copying, Sorting and Compilation, Training, Organisation and Accommodation, Form and Distribution of the Slips, Progress and Out-turn, Supervision, Sorting, Compilation, Expenditure, Appendices, List of census papers preserved in Districts and States, compilation registers and other record preserved for the use at the next census .
dc.publisherDirector of Census Operations, Punjab
dc.subjectAdministrative Volume
dc.titleAdministrative Volume, Part IV, Vol-XV, Punjab
dc.source.originCensus Library, India
dc.paginationxl,52 p.
dc.statePunjab and Delhi
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